Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises

If your problem is “central positional nystagmus,” the approach is through habituation. Instead of having Epley or other manoeuvres performed, you can try Brandt-Daroff or other vestibular rehabilitation exercises. These habituation exercises retrain the brain and are beneficial for most patients. They are helpful for both peripheral and central types of dizziness.

If you are motion sensitive, you can start by doing tiny doses of movements that make you feel nauseated. For example, move your head back and forth for just 30 seconds. Then push yourself for one or two seconds longer and give your brain a chance to overcome the feeling of nausea. Gradually, your brain will get habituated to more motion.

If done properly and routinely, those with motion sensitivity, BPPV or central positional nystagmus should start to feel some benefit from habituation exercises in three to four weeks and feel a lot better in about five to six weeks. If you are unsure how to do these exercises, have back or neck problems, or can’t do them quickly enough on your own, have a physiotherapist, audiologist or ENT do them.

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